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Crete property for sale. Tips for homeowners. (15.03.16)

With the economy on a crisis, many are still unsure of whether they should be selling a home. Despite the uneasiness you may feel, you don’t necessarily have to stay put.

My advice for homeowners wishing to sell their Cretan property is the following:




The price of your Crete property for sale should follow the current market values. It will be difficult or even impossible to sell your property higher than the market value of other Cretan houses. The market is always determined by the sales at the current season and not at the time when you bought your property.


Properties in perfect shape that sparkle and shine sell much faster in Crete than houses that need repairs or are cluttered. Images of the house in the web should be perfect.  Your house needs to be in a perfect condition but the images too! Buyers need to imagine how they will live in that house, and they can’t do that if the property looks cluttered or messy. Sellers can improve their days on market by getting things in an excellent shape before they list their house in the Cretan property market.


Your home is most likely your largest investment so you'll want to feel comfortable when you go to sell it. Start off right by selecting a Crete real estate agent who you feel you can trust, find someone who has a solid marketing plan plus a proven track record of successful negotiated sales. 

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