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Cycling in Rethymno Prefecture (11.04.2016)

Rethymno Prefecture boasts some of the most spectacular gorges in the Mediterranean. Many scenic villages such as Amari, Roustika, Chromonastiri, Roussospiti, Maroulas, Amnatos etc., and the third highest mountain in Greece, the mythical Psiloritis, surrounded by smaller mountains like Kedros, Kryoneritis and Siderotas.



If you want to browse in this cultural and natural wealth, a good idea would be to rent a bike. The Rethymno Municipality has done a great job in identifying and marking the most interesting cycling routes in the area. There is something there for everyone from the novice to the most daring.

Hundreds of settlements spring up in Rethymnon as all over the island of Crete, on the hills or up to the mountains or the sea. All associated with smaller or larger streets, some of them dirt others more friendly to the rider. The trails are endless; such is the beauty of the landscape.

The city of Rethymnon itself is also very interesting for cycling enthusiasts, since it has the biggest bike routes in Greece.

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